Transform fashion: Chanel Cut Out Gloves tutorial

Things you need for this DIY:
*unlined vintage leather gloves
*an X-acto knife
*hot glue gun
*two pieces of card board or heavy cardstock, one cut to fit inside the palm of the glove and one cut to fit inside a finger of the glove

Total time:
1.5 hours

Total cost:
nothing if you snag a pair from your grandma!

chanel cut out gloves diy
I have kinda stubby hands so I've learned that when gloves are too big for me, the easiest thing to do is cut off the fingers. I recently got a large collection of gloves that once belonged to Rubin's grandmother. Most of them fit me perfectly but a few pairs were a bit to big. They looked like they had never been used so I guess they were too big for her too. I saw these cut out gloves in the Chanel spring 2001 rtw show and became immediately obsessed. I finally got around to making my own.

First I turned the gloves inside out and marked with a pencil where to cut the bottom off, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance. You can kinda see.

Then I chopped em and hot glued the edge over.

Glued vs. unglued.

I chopped off the fingers without measuring but I put them on before I glued the edges to make sure I had cut enough off. You wanna leave yourself about an 8th of an inch extra.

I glued the finger edges in four steps to make it easier; front, back, side, side.

I took the pieces of cardstock and stuck them in the glove. They served as drawing and cutting surfaces.

I used pencil to draw rectangles on the back of the glove.

Here's the tedious part, cutting the rectangles out with my knife.

When I was done and turned them right side out and was good to go.
chanel cut out gloves diy
chanel cut out gloves diy
chanel cut out gloves diy
chanel cut out gloves diy
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