Cute mouse amirugumi tutorial

Cute mouse amirugumi tutorial
Amigurumi Mouse Pattern:

ch3 join with slst. slst
Row 1: 6sc into center (6)
Row 2: sc, inc around (9)
Row 3: sc around (9)
Row 4: 2sc, inc around (12)
Row 5: sc around (12)
Row 6: 2sc, inc around (16)
Row 7: sc around (16)
Row 8: sc *2sc, inc* around (21)
Row 9-11: sc around (21)
Add eyes.
Row 12-end: 4sc, invisible dec-->around until closed. (Stuff mouse before closing completely.) Do not tie off. Continue by making tail.
Tail: ch 17. sc into 2nd ch from hook. sc back to body. Tie off. Weave in ends.

Ears: Begin with ch3 join with slst
Row 1: 6sc into ring (6)
Row 2: inc around (12)
Row 3: sc, inc around (18)
Tie off, leaving a long tail. Fold ear in half, then sew onto stuffed mouse.

Whiskers: Use embroidery floss to sew on whiskers. (One strand of embroidery floss=6whiskers)

My son asked me for a grey mouse with no ears and no whiskers--it looks just like a tadpole!