Easy coconut rose bouquet tutorial


Easy coconut rose bouquet video tutorial

rose palm
Palm roses are one type of craft made out of palm leaves for Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is a Christian holiday that falls on the Sunday before Easter, marking Jesus's arrival in Jerusalem. Followers laid palms on the ground in front of him, which is why palm plays a central role in the holiday and its decorations.
You need 2 tapered leaves of equal length connected at the bottom. The rose will have a center only if the palm leaf is tapered and becomes smaller as you fold. The width of the palm can be up to 1/2" at the base.
Step 1: Beginning at about 2" from the base, fold one leaf back, slanting 45° to the left
Step 2: Fold the other leaf back, again at a 45° angle under it
Step 3: Fold the first under again continuing in in a counter-clockwise motion, bringing the "rose" as it is now appearing, over the front of the stem
Step 4: Since the palm is tapered, the rose begins to become smaller as you continue. When you feel you have a nice rose, secure the center with a pin or inserting the ends into the weave. You can either trim the ends, or let ends spin off. The center of the rose can be decorated with sequins, a tiny ribbon, or just a knot. It does not need to be decorated if done well. Roses look nice alone or in a bouquet of roses. A palm rose bouquet is welcome as a gift to the person who has everything money can buy! If hung on the wall, the roses can open and hang down, forming a nice spiral. Some leave the folds tufted, not pulled tight, for a rounded effect.
Step 5: to make a bouquet, you make about 20 roses and make a bouquet.

The hands of the rosemaker

Photo: http://flickr.com