Christmas Bells Wreath, crochet patterns

Christmas Bells Wreath, crochet patterns

the Christmas Bells wreath.  Here are the photos to go along with it.  I will create a new blog post for the Santa wreath.  It should be finished this weekend.

The first step to assembly is installing the wire and gold bead for the bell assembly and attaching the holly leaves into clusters of three.

The next step is to attach the bells in clusters of three to one of the holly leaf clusters:

Next attach the ribbon to the bell clusters.  I prefer to use wire edged ribbon so that the bows can be shaped:

Next, attach the clusters to the wreath and attach a bow.  You can use a pre-made bow or make your own.  I like to make my own as it is cheaper to the customer that way.  I also use fresh grapevine wreaths from a vineyard instead of buying them at the craft store.  Much cheaper that way and they smell fresh!!!  I also adorn the open areas of the wreath with pinecones that I collect from around the neighborhood.

7 Oct 09 -   I have a local customer that ordered two Christmas wreaths.  I have finished all the pieces to both wreaths but need to get them assembled.  Here are the Work in Progress photos!  Will post more as I begin assembly!

This first wreath is a "Christmas Bells" wreath.  This first wreath sells for $40 as it is made with LionBrand Glitter Spun yarn for the sparkle affect.  I can change out yarn for a cheaper wreath by request.  The bells will be outfitted with a gold assembly that makes them look like they are ringing and adorned with ribbon.  I also attach some pinecones as well.  I finished one already for another customer with silver bells and blue ribbon.  Came out beautiful!  I will attach the pictures of that wreath with the final pictures of this one.


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