Recycling ideas: jewelry making

DIY rosette necklace


Snow Day everyone! We have a snowy day! That means no school for us Texans (don't laugh!) ^_^
I could have slept late but instead I got up and found things to do. I wish waking up early was as easy when I have to go to work, hmmm...
Today I have a tutorial for this rosette necklace, I told you I would put every inch of this vintage blazer to good use.

Ahh! Look at that lining!? Doesn't it just scream to you "Make me into a beautiful rosette necklace!"? It did to me.
Here is what you need:
lining material or old lining from an old jacket
needle & thread
glue gun
felt fabric
old pearl necklace (again you can substitute for ribbon)
pearl beads
candle, lighter or stove burner
I started by removing the lining from the blazer and then cutting many little circles 2-3 inches in diameter. You'll need about 5-7 lining circles for each rosette.
Use a candle to burn the borders (it's easier then the lighter), this will prevent the lining fabric from fraying and will also give the rosette an antiqued look.
 Here I have all the petals I made...
With needle and thread make small stitches in the middle of the petals.
 They will look like this from the front.
 After you have a few petals done stack them in order from largest to smallest and sew them together like so.

 Once they are all bound...
 sew a pearl bead in the middle.
 Place the rosettes on top of your felt fabric to calculate how large to cut the felt fabric.
  Trace the shape of the bib necklace, I used gray felt because I like the contrast of the colors.
 Cut a banana shape or a U shape bib (U shape looks better I later had to make a few stitches to make this bib more of a U shape, but it depends on the size of your necklace (measure first to see how you prefer it).
I had a vintage necklace that choked me so I cut it in half and took one pearl off from each end.
Stitch the ends of the necklace to the felt fabric for extra support. 
 Cut out little ovals to cover the stitches.
 Glue stitched ends of the necklace in place and then glue the covers on top.
 We are almost done...
 Arrange the rosettes the way you want them on your necklace and glue them to the felt fabric.
Enjoy your new upcycled necklace!