Crafty jewelry: The Thimble Necklace Tutorial

Crafty jewelry: The Thimble Necklace Tutorial 
I've been thinking about this project for a very long time. Today it was sticky with heat and humidity and in the middle of  trying to get my house clean, I just dropped everything and did it. I absolutely love it. I love it so much, that I want to show you how to make it.

Sewing Pins in with the color heads you like
Metal Thimble
Coordinating threads. (my thread came from the edge of some fraying fabric I adore.)
Hot Glue Gun
Tiny Drill bit and Drill

Step One:
Drill a small whole directly below the lip of the thimble. Watch your fingers and go slow!

Step Two:
Fill the thimble 1/4 of the way with hot glue. Let the glue cool slightly and start placing your pins however you wish. I'm very much into pink right now, so most of my pink pins were towards the front. You need to work quickly to get them placed how you like them as the glue will cool quickly. Adding little bits of glue at a time, move your pins around until you are satisfied. Be careful not to hold onto the thimble as it will get very hot as you squeeze in more and more glue.

Step Three:
When your thimble is 3/4 of the way full, ball your threads and place them into the glue. You can use an extra pin to arrange the threads and make sure they are attached to the glue.

Step Four:
If you would like to attach your thimble charm to a chain you will need to place a ring in the hole you drilled. I opted to attach mine to a length of colored hemp with a simple loop through the hole.

Step Five:
Wear it with pride!

  If you don't want to make one yourself because of the heat and humidity at your house you can buy one here