Gift Box Patterns: Triangle box tutorial

If you're looking for great gift box patterns, try this unique triangle shaped box made with a greeting card. You can either recycle an old card or use a new one.
Triangle Gift Box Patterns
The triangle box is so quick and easy you can make several in half an hour. Even better, you can teach your kids to make them, too.One thing I discovered when making a triangle box is that it really doesn't work to make one with a square. After you've made all the folds, you have a huge gap in the top so that you can't close it completely.
Triangle Gift Box Patterns
So you really want your card as rectangular as possible. I actually cut a little off each side to make the opened card less square and more rectangular.
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Also, you need a card with a horizontal picture to make this project. If the picture on the front is vertical, these gift box patterns won't work.
What you need:
Horizontal Card
Scoring Tool
Hole Punch
Ribbon, Yarn, or Twine (to tie the top shut)
What you do:
!. Open card to be sure it is more rectangular than square. If not, cut off half an inch or more on the sides, being sure not to spoil the design on the front.
2. Use the crease as the center of each side. Mark the center on top and bottom edges.
3. Using a straight edge, score from center side to center top on each side. Then score from center side to center bottom on each side.
Triangle Gift Box Patterns
4. Crease each score line, and then fold the triangle box on its original center crease line bringing all the corners together at the top.
Triangle Gift Box Patterns
5. Punch holes as shown. Close the box entirely and punch through 2 or 4 thicknesses at once, making sure all the holes line up.
Triangle Gift Box Patterns
6. Thread yarn, ribbon, or twine through all the holes and tie in a bow.
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Gift Box Patterns: Triangle box tutorial