Crafty jewelry with cross stitch patterns

Fimo and yarn

I get a little over excited sometimes when it comes to craft projects. An idea pops into my head and I immediately think it's THE BEST IDEA IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. Ok, so this one might not be all caps worthy but I thought it would look cool.

White fimo (to look a bit like ceramic) shaped and then with holes poked in a grid then baked and stitched with traditional needlepoint or cross stitch patterns.
I didn't quite like the shinyness of the embroidery floss (top image) so I dyed some wool crewel yarn with plant dyes. I like the muted colors and fuzzy textures better but ran out of chain link to make these wool ones into pendants like the floss one.
So I was totally jazzed about these but every time I show them to someone their reaction is along the lines of, "Hmm...." Which is totally fine! Whatever floats your boat, right? But it makes me question my own taste in great ideas. Perhaps a bit of self editing is in order?
Speaking of taste, I did determine that, although I still love this in concept, the execution wasn't quite there. These are pendants of thumb prints of my two kidlets. But the disk of fimo into which they pressed their thumbs was too large. And turns out babies don't have much of an actual thumb print--skin is too soft.
So, on that note of projects not well received, the baby is napping so I'm off to work on my next BEST IDEAS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF IDEAS. One is a quilt project and one is a series of mini books. Fun!