Recycling paper for kids

hand painted buttons

here's what you need and how i did it:

cardboard egg carton
paint and brushes
sharp point to poke holes: i used a hammer and a tiny nail.
you could also use an awl, tiny sharp scissors, large needle

cut a variety of circles from the lid of your egg carton

base coat with one or 2 layers of acrylic paint and let dry

use contrast color to paint details and let dry

i also added spots where i planned to poke the button holes

coat with acrylic sealer. 1 or 2 coats. let dry.

this will really bring your colors to life and make your buttons super shiny and durable

poke holes so you can sew your buttons when they're all done

i used a small nail and a hammer to get them started and then pushed them through with my fingers to make the hole bigger

that's it, you're all done! now you have a brand new set of custom painted buttons.

i think they are durable enough for light use, but you definitely cannot wash them.

you could also decorate them with sequins, glitter and rhinestones or maybe paint your initials on them.

use your imagination and have fun!