Halloween Mascots

I got this sad, sad note today from YesAsia:
Change of Expected Ship Out Date
Dear Susie Ziegler,

Thank you for shopping with YesAsia.com!

With reference to the following item 'Patchwork no Nunokomono -Square Patchwork ' in your order 4------, the expected ship out date has been revised to Oct/25/2007.

Oh the agony!

Only moments later, however, one of my swap packages came in the mail! These adorable stuffies were made for me by peihan17 in our mascot swap over on Craftster. It turns out that we totally thought alike for our packages, but my items are still a secret!

Meet Paka, a cute black kitty who adores Halloween and her vegetarian owl friend, Stav. She also made a pretty beaded hairband and tossed in some yummy candy:
2007 10 12 003
Peihan explains that Paka means "little cat" in Swahili and Stav means "autumn" in Hebrew. They are both a bit mischievous and love caramels and zombie movies.

Check out the cute embroidery details and the adorabel fall fabric on the owl:
2007 10 12 002

Here's a picture of the Halloween card she included. On the back it says it''s made by an etsy seller
2007 10 12 001

Thank you so much, Peihan! I love it all!

The kitty is a Pointy Kitty by Wee Wonderfuls. HERE
I think the owl is from a Japanese book that is out of print. I'll have to ask Peihan.