More Books, 280 Yen!

These little Japanese booklets are a pretty good buy. They were about $4.00 at our Chicagoland Japanese Bookseller at Mitsuwa Marketplace.

The prices are slightly better at YesAsia, but a real life bookstore has obvious other advantages.
This one is a felting instruction booklet, ISBN 4277490050
ISBN 4277490050

I know you can probably find all these sorts of instructions on the internet, but I like having them in my own pretty little booklet. Here is a lovely flower. Step-by-step instructions are provided in detailed photographs:
ISBN 4277490050 detail1
Any book that I buy has to have some pages of cuteness and this one is no exception:
ISBN 4277490050 detail2

I also got a second book, ISBN 9484277490306. This one is adorable beaded lovliness.
ISBN 9484277490306

Here are some Christmas beading ideas:
ISBN 9484277490306 detail1

And summertime critters:
ISBN 9484277490306 Detail2

Last year I got this felt mascot book, ISBN4277490549:
ISBN4277490549 Japanese Felt Mascot Book

It has these patterns for you Francophiles out there:
ISBN4277490549 Detail

I also stitched this mouse from that book:
Mascot Swap 2 Mouse

That mouse went unacknowledged by my swap recipient all the way over in New Zealand. Alas.. that's the way swapping goes sometimes...