Go Bears!

The Bears beat the Green Bay Packers yesterday. I'm the bandwagon sort, so I'm pleased that they won, but not so interested that I actually watched the game. Last year when the Bears were in the Superbowl, I was unhappy with the t-shirt choices for girls. We also purchased a cheap t-shirt that was the wrong size for every person in our family . I decided to cut out some of the elements of that bad shirt and applique them onto this orange shirt for my daughter.
Bears T-Shirt

Working on t-shirts is tricky. You have to be very gentle and keep a looser tension on the thread to accommodate the stretchiness of the t-shirt fabric. I think it would be a good idea to use a hoop. I didn't, but I cross stitched for years and years with no hoop and, well.. old habits die hard...

Emma in Bears shirt
Here's Toothless! She has been "Cutie Snaggletooth" for a couple of weeks while she had one front tooth that refused to fall out. It finally came out just as our pew was getting ready to go up to the altar for communion on Sunday. She's been leaving the Tooth Fairy notes asking for more money for her teeth, but the Tooth Fairy is not budging. She actually knows the truth about the Tooth Fairy, but she's playing along because she really wants the $1.

FInally, I'm doing the craft in a few weeks with the Chicagoland Craft Collective. We'll be making these ghost mascots (not the felt envelopes)
Felt env.and Ghosts
and this acorn which I made into a barrette for Toothless:
Acorn Barrette

I'll provide little kits that will be $1.00 each. If you plan to come, bring some scissors if you can. The lighting is terrible at our meeting place, but the food is delicious!