Hello Kitty Crochet

HK crochet Squares, originally uploaded by IamSusie.

Last year I found a thread on Craftster about the Hello Kitty Granny Square. It is an elusive pattern, printed in a Japanese Crochet book. Because of copyright rules... if you want the pattern yourself, you very well might find an uploaded copy of it if you google "hello kitty granny square pattern". Be prepared... it's an international crochet chart, not a written pattern.

The cutest thing to make with the pattern is a tote bag. I made one for my niece last summer. It does have that handmade look... I was pleased with myself for achieving a lining for this tote too. Otherwise I just do the little square and pouches. I've seen adorable scarves made with it too, but that is still on my to do list.

I'm not sure why, but it is a fiddley little square and it doesn't go as quickly to make it as I think it should. Never mind, though.. when you get to the face and the bow. It is so satisfying, you forget how long you've been working at it....

That one is in thread crochet. I've made 2 like this one, both for swaps. It is a perfect size for a doll like the popular Blythe dolls. People always want her in pink, but I like all the other color combinations too.

Of course, I would love to sell my little Hello Kitty creations, but those darned copyright laws.... I have a friend who is an expert in trademark law.. maybe she can find me a loophole...

EDITED TO ADD: I get queries all the time for me to send this pattern out. I don't really understand this because all you have to do is google it and the pattern comes up right under the link to this blog post. It's the link at Craftster. Page 4... scroll down.... And if you want me to explain how to stitch it, I would please ask you to read through that Craftster link first.. We have discussed at length the pitfalls of this more challenging little crochet square.

You start in the center with 6 chains. SC in the 2nd chain from the hook and go around from there. Do the first ear, then you'll need to start a new yarn to do the second ear. Go around the face with a contrasting yarn using single crochet all around. I have to add a few stitches that arent in the pattern up at the top near the ears. Try to keep it symmetric.

In case you were wondering, I am not going to write out English instructions for this square. Apart from the copyright violation, I prefer the chart. This is the pattern where I learned international crochet chart patterns and you can too!