Chicago International Quilt Show 2007

Quilt Show2007 052, originally uploaded by IamSusie.

I've uploaded my photos from the Chicago Quilt Show onto Flickr. Click here for my photoset. I only took about 40 pics and there were hundreds of quilts exhibited. Next year I'm making better notes of the artists too. I'm supposed to name each artist if I post photos.

This beautiful quilt is called Little Cities by Kathy York

Here's a detail of that one: Here's a really unusual one called Tsunami by Margarete Steinhauer
The stunning effect on this one was from a very successful use of unusual handyed fabrics

This one is Colorplay II by Anne Lullie. I love the color and the mosaic effect. The squares are fused to the surface. I seem to be drawn to blue and orange color combinations and the large flower motifs, especially if they have some reds or pinks. Mom and I have a favorite vintage notions vendor who arranges her things by color in a rainbow. I rarely feel that I can spend money at art shows, but this year, I allowed myself to buy a quilt kit. I think it may be about 2 years since I made a quilt top, so maybe having the kit will jump start me again. Not surprisingly that quilt was blues, yellows and orange...

Yesterday I made a super cute vintage style half apron. I left the laundry in a huge pile (it is clean), but I look the part of a happy housekeeper in my new cute apron!