Back to boring socks

I'm a little winded after the lace-marathon that was Icarus, and have found myself unable to commit to another time-sucking project. I've flitted from one sweater-in-progress to another and can't seem to stay focused. So we're back to boring socks.
Not the most interesting blogging fodder I know.

The Easter Bunny put these in my chou's goody basket. They looked so right among the chocolate bunny and the Easter Cream eggs.

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweight Bosco, colour # 3574
Needles: 2 mm
Pattern: My boring, generic sock pattern.

You may wonder why coco knits only boring socks. Would it kill me to knit some patterned socks once in a while? It appears that yes, yes it would. Socks are my "zombie-brain" knitting. No matter how ridiculously tired I am, no matter how exciting the hockey game or movie I'm watching is, I can still manage to work on these babies. I could practically knit these in my sleep (and often wish I would, think about how many pairs I could churn out!)

I've knit some fancy socks in the past, and highly resented the fact that I had to drag a pattern around and actually pay attention to what I was doing, or suffer the consequences and have to riiiip when I inevitably screwed up. I made some lovely Embossed Leaves socks last summer but I hardly ever wear them. I get all precious about them and to me, that's the opposite of what socks should be. I wear them on my FEET and walk all over them all day long, for Pete's sake. Isn't it weird to have delicate lacy bits there?