Christmas tree craft ideas with cake

Christmas tree  craft ideas with cake

the icing glue herringbone detail. After assembling the Christmas tree still dry the day.

The result is now a Christmas tree to decorate a Christmas song with a gingerbread house, or for New Year's cake.

Christmas tree made ​​of green icing.

Herringbone with green icing, otsazhennogo of kornetika on vertically mounted tapered gingerbread base, glued together with thick jam from two of baked gingerbread half-cone.
Snowman - molded out of thick icing of different colors, podpylyaemogo for modeling icing sugar, to not stick to hands.
Star on the fur-tree - modeled from icing.
The rectangular candy with red ribbons - chocolates, covered with colored icing and dried during the day.