Handmade card for gift: elephant Pull-Toy Card tutorial

 Handmade card for gift: elephant Pull-Toy Card tutorial
Wenderly gives a really great photo tutorial, so I will just tell you what I did.


  • chenille
  • Buttons
  • twine, embroidery floss, ribbon or I used bead trim for the pull string
  • Marker, or something small for the eye.

1. Save the elephant silhouette to your computer and print him out on card stock.
2. Cut out the elephant
3. Trace the elephant on the BACK side of the chenille. Make sure you have the elephant facing the way you want, you will have to put the stencil face down if you want his head on the right side.
4. Cut our your chenille elephant and glue or sew on your card. I used hot glue. Stitching it down would give it an extra cute detail I think.
5. Add buttons to the feet for the "wheels."
6. Add your pull string and an eye. I used some bead trim I had on hand for both.