Crafts for home decor : Seashell Garland Using Crocheted Garden Twine.  
  Crafts for home decor : Seashell Garland Using Crocheted Garden Twine. 
  A peek inside my bag of seashells.

Washed and ready to sort. 
Clean the shells- I just rinsed them off and dried then since they were “dead” shells. Here is a guide on how to wash all kinds of shells. I let them dry in the sun, you could also paper towel dry them. I ended up having 29 suitable shells. I sorted them into “larger/prettier” and “average”. I had 20 “average”, 9 “larger/prettier” ones. I am not sure what type of shells these are,  if you know, please share!


29 seashells.

Seashells with holes in them

Garden Twine

Crochet hook of your choice, I used size K/6.50mm


To begin, I left a 12 inch tail (to attach it to things), tied a knot and then crocheted ten stitches (watch the tension because the garden twine is rather bulky and scratchy). 

Hook and beginning stitches.

I put the shell in between the hook and the working twine.

Hook through the shell.

Then I put the hook through the shell and then pulled the twine through.

Hook and pull the twine through the shell.

Now you have a loop on your hook and the working twine is still in back. Go up and over the next side of the shell and hook the twine and loop is through.

Make another loop around the shell.
Now you are back to a normal crochet strand. I chose to crochet four stitches and then add my next shell. You are welcome to add more stitches in between if you have fewer shells.

Four stitches between shells.
Completed garland!

I used 10 of my “average” shells. Then added my nine “larger/prettier”, and finished with my last 10 “average” shells.

After adding the last shell, I crocheted 10 stitches, knotted the end, and left a 12 inch tail.

Hanging garland.