Halloween food gift: Spooktacularly Easy No-Bake Ghost Cookies

Halloween food gift: Spooktacularly Easy No-Bake Ghost Cookies

It’s true. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I’m not a fan of the creepy goblin-y stuff, but I love all of the fall-esque things that come along with Halloween. Hay rides, pumpkin carving, carnivals … ok who am I kidding? I like the free candy. I also like any excuse to make something delicious and sweet!

Aren’t these little ghosties the cutest?! They’re ridonkulously easy, too. Let me show you:

Gather the goods. Nutter Butters (drooooool), almond bark, black decorators gel (mine was sparkly!), and mini chocolate chips.

Chop up about half of the almond bark, like so. Nuke it in the microcomputer (I kid you not, this is what my1960s microwave says on it) for about 2-3 minutes. Stir it up so you get …

This. Melty goodness. Now toss in a Nutter Butter. Sniff it first. Ahhh, peanut butter.

Swirl that sucker around in your almond bark and let it get niiiiice and coated. Now grab it with some tongs and tap off the excess almond bark. It works best if you grab it like this so you can keep a smooth surface:

See? Niiiice and smooth. Don’t tap off too much, you don’t really want to see the texture of the Nutter Butter, but you also don’t want an inch thick layer of almond bark, y’know? Tap it to perfection, people.

Plop ‘em down on a sheet of foil. It’s ok if there’s a few little stringies of almond bark, you can break them off when the cookies are dry. Add two mini chocolate chips for eyes. Don’t wait too long, or your almond bark will dry!

Once you let the almond bark dry a little bit, pipe little mouths using the black decorators gel. Try to cut the tip of your tube as tiny as possible.

Try and tell me that’s not so adorable it’s scary. (Scary. I kill myself!)
Now take a big bite and enjoy!

They’re super easy! Give ‘em a shot this Halloween!