Halloween crafts: Painted Leaf and Acorn Wreath

Halloween crafts: Painted Leaf and Acorn Wreath
Okay here’s what I did…
I went to Lowe’s and got this foam-pipe-cover stuff.  I don’t know what it’s called… I’m a girl, I don’t do technical hardware names. I found it in the plumbing section, okay? (It reminds me of those pool floaty noodles.) It cost .97¢. Good deal.
I cut the foam-pipe-cover thingy, to the size I wanted, and taped it with duct tape, like this…
(Now, after I made this wreath, I decided that I probably should have reinforced it with a wire hanger, on the inside of the foam. Once all the acorns are on it, they tend to weigh the wreath down a bit.)
I took a roll of paper, rolled it out on my driveway, and spread my acorn bottoms out on it.  You could use newspaper if you like. Then, I started spaying the acorns until I got the coverage that I wanted. I used an olive-green color. I used approximately 300 acorn bottoms to make this wreath.  I also picked out about 10 or 12 acorn caps and spray painted them a metallic copper color.
Once my acorns were dry, I started hot gluing them on the foam wreath.  I started on the inside circle, with the wreath laying flat, like this…
After I got my base row on, I kept gluing the acorns, one row at a time, until I covered the whole wreath.
Then, I took some of my left over acorn bottoms, and glued them into the caps, that I had painted.
I wanted some leaves on this wreath, so I spray painted some oak leaves. I used the same copper color that I painted the caps, and let them dry.
While I waited for my leaves to dry, I touched up the wreath with a little more green spray paint, in places that needed more paint, and let it dry.
Once everything was dry, I took my copper leaves and laid them out on the wreath, to see how I wanted them, and then started gluing them down.
Once my leaves were glued down, I glued my acorns, with the copper caps, on top of the leaves, like this…
I thought It turned out super cute. Yes?
Happy fall y’all!