Crafty jewelry: Simple & Easy Beaded Rings


 Crafty jewelry: Simple & Easy Beaded Rings
If you do any beading as one of your crafts then you may have everything that you need to make these simple and very easy beaded rings. 

I made the above to give to my daughter for her birthday and loved them so much that I have sat down two times to make more for me!!!!

All you need is this elastic/stretchy thread (sold in the beading craft area), assorted beads, and I used E6000 glue over the knots. 

I just cut a piece of the stretch beading thread about 6" long.   I did different variations - only small beads which you could wear alone or stacked - or a larger bead in the middle with sometimes smaller ones on each side followed by small beads or spacers which would be on the side and back of your finger.  The hardest part if figuring what size is best for you or whoever.  Once I figured that out then the size of the beads sometimes determined which finger I would probably wear it.  Don't forget the thread is stretchy so it is not limited to one finger.  It is a little tricky knotting it - I would do a couple double knots.  Then, when all finished trim the ends of the knot and use a little glue to secure it.  Let it dry thoroughly.  I wish you couldn't see the knot on the underside of the ring, but I am more about making sure that it is securely knotted and will not come apart and beads go flying!!!!