Recycling plastic for Halloween: Water Jug Pumpkins tutorial

This craft was so simple, I plan to make a bunch with my boys to decorate our house on Halloween night.
Recycling plastic for Halloween: Water Jug Pumpkins  tutorial
All you need is:
  • an empty water bottle or milk jug (washed out)
  • a black Sharpie
  • Green paint and paint brush
  • Orange glow sticks
Here is how easy it is:

1)  Paint the cap green.  I just used regular old kid's craft paint.  

2)  Draw a jack-o-lantern face with a Black Sharpie.  (Note:  You might want to make your face scarier -- my five year old told me mine wasn't scary enough.  :-)

3)  Insert an orange glow stick.  I actually ended up adding a glow stick and two glow necklaces in order to get a really good "glowing" effect.

So easy, right???  Can't you just picture a bunch of these lining the path to your door on Halloween night?