Nail art for teen: Newspaper Nails tutorial


Newspaper Nails

I have been dying to do this ever since I saw it on someone's Pinterest! After I did it, I totally wanted to redo it, because you kinda have to do it one time to get the hang of it. So I KNEW I could do it better the next time. But I have two very small children who barely allow me to get ready in the one shot is all get :)

What you will need:
~Light or bright color of nail polish (I chose Vintage Blue from Avon)
~Clear polish
~Rubbing alcohol (or I've heard other types also work :)
~Ten pieces of cut out newspaper with print

1. Cut out ten one by one inch pieces of newspaper. Make sure they have print on them :)

2. Paint your nails and allow them to dry fully.

3. Dip your newspaper clips in alcohol and press onto each nail for about 15 seconds holding very still.

4. Paint a coat of clear overtop to preserve the print. (Put a lot on your nail brush or it will smear the ink. I learned that the hard way).