Gift presents for boy: simple felt bow tutorial

simple felt bow tutorial

I whipped out these cute lil bows the other day and took a few pics to show ya...They're pretty self explanatory, but I'll add words anyways.

Click below for more! 

you'll need:
glue. felt. clip. trim edges with pinking shears if wanted.
(If you MUST know, my felt was 4"x2.5" for the big piece, small piece 1"x2.5")

 smoosh. glue.

 smoosh, glue other side.

glue strip down. wrap around.

glue. more.

 add clip. glue more.
all done.

I feel like I'm speaking cave-manese.
See? easy peasy! You could also use these for a little bow tie!
I know, a boy craft? on this blog?

so, make bow. glue around ribbon.

 add velcro.
Then, cute-ify a boy.