Gift presents for kids: DIY Feather Hair Clips

A DIY and it’s not a bracelet –  are you shocked?! I bought a bunch of feathers back when I went through my hat phase,  intending to make some earrings (still hoping to get around to that …  someday). But first,  I thought I would make some hair clips for Caroline.
Another super easy project. All you need are feathers (these are guinea feathers),  barrettes (I used some that we already had on hand) and glue. I tried to match the color of the hair barrettes to the feathers but it turns out that it doesn’t really matter because you can’t see them.

I bought this E-6000 for a Father’s Day project because it’s supposed to be the best glue for glueing stuff to metal. And so far it has held up to lots of toddler hands pulling at it.
First,  pick out 2 longish feathers and 1 smaller one for each clip. Glue the two bigger feathers on first,  giving it a minute or two to set. The long ends seem unsightly but you need something to put the glue on so it doesn’t gunk up the feather.
Then add your smaller feather to hide the ends of the first two.
I really like the guinea feather colors. I’m on a mission to get Caroline to wear something other than pink.
These were a hit with C –  they lasted in her hair way longer than hairclips usually do. This is not her modeling though –  she’s actually doing her best to avoid the camera as I clicked away.