Flower gifts: burlap flower, rad and rustic tutorial

wedding flower diy
DIY DAY! We all love a good DIY but one that incorporates burlap is definitely a crowd pleaser! We came up with these DIY burlap flowers by complete fluke. We were actually going to make cotton flowers but these ended up being so cute and rustic! They’re perfect as a non-traditional bouquet or as centerpiece additions.
I can’t forget to mention that this bouquet costs $10 to make.  A TEN DOLLAR WEDDING BOUQUET. And as ALWAYS – if I can make them, ANYONE can. That being said, we’ve recorded this little DIY video tutorial to help explain all the steps to this amazing non-floral wedding DIY. Or you can follow the instructions below!

diy burlap flower
  1. Burlap
  2. Scissors
  3. Floral stems (we found cool paper covered ones at Michael’s)
  4. Ribbon
  5. Glue gun
  6. Pearl pins (optional)
diy flowers tutorial
  1. Cut a strip of burlap about 2 inches thick and a foot long (depending how big you’d like your flowers)
  2. Take your stem and glue the tip of it onto the very end of your strip
  3. Begin to roll your stem into the burlap, gluing along the way
  4. Continue rolling your stem about 4-5 times.  This creates the center “bud” of you flower
  5. Now it’s time to start your petals! Take the fabric strip that is dangling from your “bud” and make a fold away from you, holding the bottom of the folding piece close to the stem
  6. Overlapping your first “petal” slightly, create another backwards fold or petal.  Again, holding the bottom of the fold near the stem
  7. Glue your first two petals in place.  Try to put the glue closer to the base of your flower
  8. Continue steps 5-7 until you’ve completed an entire row of petals all the way around
  9. Poke your glue gun in here and there to secure the flower
  10. With your remaining fabric you’ll now secure the base of your flower and the top of your stem by winding the fabric around, gluing when appropriate.
  11. VoilĂ !  Your little burlap flower!
  12. Now personally I like these flowers just on their own, but if you’d like to add a little color to your bud you can add a small piece of ribbon and a pearl pin in the center.  If you’re making a bouquet like in the first photo, assemble a few burlap flowers, trim the ends and wrap with ribbon.  It’s THAT easy.
 Flower gifts: burlap flower, rad and rustic tutorial