Crafty jewelry: Make a Fabric Covered Gem Necklace

Lately, fabric seems to be making its way into necklaces, earrings, bracelets – all kinds of accessories. I love that it can add an entirely different textureand look to a piece of jewelry. For this DIY, I incorporated fabric from a thrifted skirt with some plastic décor gems and chain to create a one of a kind necklace. Totally customizable and really easy to make!

- Plastic lightweight decorating gems*
- Scrap fabric (mine was 40 inches x 4 inches)**
- Thick chain
- Scissors
- Jewelry pliers
- Hot glue gun (optional)
*I used 7 gems. These can be found in the home décor section, and are usually used to fill vases.
**Make sure your fabric is thin, lightweight, and not too thick!
1. Tie a knot at one end, making sure there’s about an inch of fabric left above the knot. Place a gem in the tube that has formed. Make sure the fabric wraps around the entire gem, and tie another knot.
2. Insert another gem, and tie another knot.
3. Keep going! Again, make sure there’s about an inch left after the last knot.
4. Cut a slit in the fabric at each of the ends.
5. Tie onto the chain. Repeat at the other end. If you would like, use a little hot glue to further secure the knots.

jewelry making