Crafts for home: Granny-Chic Pillow DIY

Sewing and crochet patterns
good sized vintage crocheted doily
vintage pillowcase/sheet (or other cotton material)
grosgrain or satin ribbon
light/medium weight fusible interfacing

Fold your material so you have a double layer and can cut both the front and back of the pillow at the same time. Smooth your doily on top to use as a template, and cut around it leaving approximately 1.5-2" allowance.

Fold your interfacing in the same manner and use your material as a template to cut two pieces.

Fuse interfacing to the back of each of the fabric circles using the manufacturers directions (remember, the side with the bumps/dots does down!).

Pin the doily to one of the circles and stitch it down along the outer edge using coordinating thread.

Pin the two circles together, right sides facing. I like to add one horizontal pin, as shown, to remind myself to leave that section unstitched. Sew the two pieces together.

Snip notches along the seam allowance, as shown, to create a smoother curve along the outside of the pillow. Be sure not to cut too close to your stitch line!

Turn right-side out and press flat. If you press the opening flat at this stage, it makes it much easier to stitch closed later. Stuff pillow with poly-fill.

Stitch the opening closed. You can top-stitch it on your machine, as I have done here. Or, you can hand-stitch it closed for a more invisible seam.

Weave ribbon through the openings of the doily, and tie in a bow.

Ta-da! Just like that you have a sweet granny-chic pillow that took less time to make than it would to find at the thrift store (bonus: it doesn't smell funny, either).