Coastal Knits

Continuing the seaside theme, sometime in early August I finished another sample knit for Knitbot's Hannah Fettig.

nautical pullover 1
This time it was a design for her lovely new collection of patterns, Coastal Knits. This book is a collaboration between her and Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting fame. I really love this collection and plan to knit every single design in it.

nautical pullover 5
The sweater I was commissioned to knit was the Bayside Pullover, knit in Euroflax linen. Like all of Hannah's patterns, this sweater is simple and timeless with a lovely design details that makes the garment special, in this case, the cables that elegantly flow down the sides of the body. The type of sweater that never goes out of style and looks good on a wide range of body types.

nautical pullover 7
It was my first time knitting a sweater out of linen. It was very slow going, and difficult to get perfectly smooth stitches, but I was happy not to be working with wool or alpaca in the scorching summer heat. And this linen has a sheen and a drape that is hard to beat.

nautical pullover 3
Don't you just love that colour? Reminds me of sea glass.

It's probably a good thing that this sample was a bit too small for me, or else I would have been very tempted to keep it for myself.

nautical pullover 4
(please forgive the so-so photos, they were taken pre-SLR)

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