Recycling paper: DIY Toilet Paper Roll Summer Wreath, kids craft ideas

Recycling paper: DIY Toilet Paper Roll Summer Wreath, kids craft ideas

I am not a crafter. Noooo, sirree. I like making odds and ends, but I can assure you that I am not a frills-and-lace, decoupage-crazy, sewing machine addict that spends her spare time bedazzling jumpers and darning clog socks. (If you happen to be a decoupage-crazy sock-darner, I mean no insult. You worship your gods, I'll worship mine. Mine is mint chip ice cream, if you're wondering.) So when I started scrounging around my apartment for supplies to make my Paper Pretties project, the only paper I could find (in addition to a large assortment of bills and a stack of Allure magazines) was...toilet paper. I kid you not. I am THAT craft-tragic. You can shackle me and read me my rights, Sisteroos.
So, yes. This week's paper project comes to you compliments of my BATHROOM. Read on for the DIY details!...

To make sure I give credit where it's due, I first saw the fabulous toilet paper roll wreath HERE. But I wanted to spruce up the design a little, so I changed the shape (diamond wreaths are chic and perfect for the summer, no?), added a splash of my favorite summer colors (ivory, lime and olive), and blinged it out with some center rhinestones for sparkle (does it make me "somewhat crafty" if I always carry gems?). You could also go for an au naturel brown or white cardboard look, depending on the color of your toilet paper tubes. Mine started out as a mix of brown and white--husband and I still can't agree on a toilet paper brand since I think single-ply, cheap toilet paper (a.k.a., brown roll) is the way to go, and he (mistakenly) thinks that only the extra-quilted, cashmere-infused, 1500-thread-count stuff (a.k.a., white roll) will do. You can see we have a conflict. It hopefully will not end our marriage.
To make your OWN toilet paper roll wreath:
DIY Toilet Paper Roll Summer Wreath Tutorial
1. Use toilet paper liberally and hoard your cardboard tubes. My wreath took around 12 rolls to create...I'm far too embarrassed to disclose how quickly I amassed that number of tubes.
2. Measure out 1 1/2 cm marks on your tubes.
3. Cut strips of tube at every mark--don't worry if the cardboard pieces bend during cutting--you will need to shape these into petals in the next step.
4. Bend the tube pieces into petal shapes and hot glue 6-7 pieces together into a flower.
5. Paint the outside of your flowers a light spring shade (I chose ivory). Paint the interior a darker summer shade or two interchanging shades (I chose lime and olive green).
6. Bling out the centers of your flowers with rhinestones or other fun craft ornaments. Glue your wreath into desired shape (circle, square, triangle, trapezoid...). Finish off with a fun lace ribbon.