Crafty jewelry: Recycling lace to make earrings

Dolce & Gabbana‘s Spring ’11 collection undoubtedly furthered our already fanatical obsession with lace. Honestly, how dreamy is the collection?! We thought we’d make good use of some vintage lace trim we had laying around and turn them into earrings similar to the ones we saw on the runway. And thanks to some tips from a DIY previously featured on Poppytalk, making lace earrings proved be a cinch!
 Crafty jewelry: Recycling lace to make earrings
You’ll need:
- lace trim or a lace doily
- Elmer’s multi-purpose glue
- a pair of ear wires
- a bowl or measuring cup
- a pair of pliers
- a pair of scissors
Mix equal parts glue to water in a bowl. Cut your shapes from your lace trim or doily, making sure both pieces are symmetrical. (Click images to enlarge)
Submerge the cut shapes into the glue mixture. Using the side of the bowl, squeeze out as much excess liquid as possible. Lay the pieces down on a flat non stick surface. After a few hours of drying, attach stiffened lace onto ear wires using pliers.
I haven’t stopped wearing mine since and can’t wait to make more. Hooray for lace!