Christmas Ornament Wreath tutorial, kids craft ideas

Christmas Ornament Wreath tutorial, kids craft ideas
So I went in search of supplies.
  • Jackpot at Big Lots- big tubs of shatterproof ornaments for $5.00. 

  • Glue gun- check.  I even had the glue sticks this time.

  • Big Christmas Ribbon- bottom of the decorations box from last year.

  • Wire hanger- uh oh.  I didn't have a single wire hanger in my house.  And wouldn't you know it was a Sunday and there arent' any open dry cleaners around here... so what's a wannabe crafter to do?  Call mom!  Luckily she had a few lying around.  And to get them, all I had to do was to promise to make her a wreath, too. 

So to make this, all you do is bend the wire hanger in to a circle.  Un-twist the area where the two ends meet so you can string the ornaments on.  Now take your glue gun and pop the tops off the ornaments- put a dab of glue on the top and place the little cap back on.  This will help secure the ornament so it doesn't fall off as you are threading it on the wire.
Now thread.  And thread.  And thread.
Every so often use a smaller ornament to help fill in the gaps.  The wire will look fairly bare as you are threading.  This is normal.  Just pile on the ornaments- the more the merrier.
Every once in awhile have your daughter hold the wreath up to play with the positioning of the ornaments and to get an idea of how many more you will need to add. Smile when she tells you that you need more.  Sigh.  She's right... Add more, and more and more...
When you are finally pleased with the fullness of your wreath, twist the wire back together and secure with a small piece of florist wire.  You will be able to cover this up with your bow when you are done.