Bouquet of Apples for gifts

What two things immediately say “school”? Pencils and apples! Here we’ve put them together into a fun bouquet perfect for teacher. This is a great gift to give for back to school, for teacher appreciation towards the end of the year, or even during the holidays.
 Bouquet of Apples for gifts
Supplies for Apple Pencil Bouquets:
  • apples

  • pencils

  • vase

  • ribbon

1.  Wash and dry your apples.
2. Turn them with the bottom side facing up. Press your pencil into the center of the apple, with the eraser side up. With your pencil pressed into the core of the apple, these apples should still be edible. The graphite of the pencil, which isn’t deadly, is only surrounded by the core of the apple. Simply cut around the core and you should be good to go.
3. Once all of your apples have pencils in them, you can arrange them in your vase. Here I have three sizes of vases.
  • The vase pictured at the top of this post is a 2x3x6 rectangle etched glass vase we’ve designed on here before. You can arrange your apples in a specific way, or let them fall the way they go. Here below I also added a few extra pencils at the top sticking out for fun.

  • This vase below is a 4x4x4 square vase. It has a wide open top, so I added a lot of pencils in the center to stick out.

  • This vase below is a 12in tall round vase with a 3in opening. Since there was so much room in the bottom, I filled it with 12 extra pencils to fill the space.

This is an apple decoration your teacher is sure to love.