My Crafty Daughter

Emma's Pumpkin

This was my 8-year old daughter's "secret project". She was inspired by the stack of synthetic felt I gave her to use in any project she chooses. This is impressive to me because she used her sewing machine all by herself without any supervision. I think she did a good job top stitching those pieces onto her pumpkin. She told me she even ripped out a seam with the seam ripper and didn't tear anything.

Tooth Fairy
Last week daughter made a brass shrine of her tooth to impress the tooth fairy. She has been trying to extract more $$ from the tooth fairy with little success.

Craft is Cool

I saved this poster she made this summer. It says, "Craft is Cool, Oh Yeah". I wanted to make it in felt and embroidery, but haven't gotten to it yet.

My son sums up our family interests in a paper he did the first week of school, "On Sundays during the fall, me and my dad watch football. My sister and mom are really crafty. I'm not crafty." I wish my son didn't feel that creating things like this is a girl thing, but he just takes after his dad and appreciates this as a hobby, but is interested in other things. Son makes charming drawings of people with giant arms and hands and is interested in filming videos.