Go Cubs!

Kent Brockman: Springfield is once again overrun with fair-weather fans.
Homer: The Isotopes are winning? To the bandwagon!

Cubs Crochet

Much a my husband's consternation, I cannot maintain interest in sports for the entire duration of a sport's season. I am always happy to know that our teams are winning and I do get interested toward the end of the season if Chicago or Indiana University are doing really well. I guess the Cubs have been having a good year , although I think I read today that someone important may be injured.

To celebrate (their wins) and hopefully send them some good mojo (for the injury), I crocheted these little things. The small one is a patch and the larger one is a coaster. Both are thread crochet done in double crochet concentric circles. The coaster is 2 layers with a royal blue back.
Cubs Crochet

The White Sox are also doing well, but they do not inspire me to take up my needles. Apologies to any south-siders reading my blog...