Cross Stitching

I dusted off my cross stitch things to do this motif for UrsulaDiamond in our Tea Towel Tour. It has been at least 15 years since I've done any cross stitch. Ursula's towel (actually it is a rectangle of what I think is weavers cloth) was totally blank and she was very open about preferences. She suggested cross stitch and I was itching to get going on this all weekend when I was away with my family.

Cross Stitch Revisited

I used 14 count waste canvas for this. I found the free pattern online HERE at Alita Designs.
Cross Stitch Revisited
I did 4 repeats of the pattern. It would be incredibly lovely going across a whole surface. My daughter was trying to pay me a compliment by saying that it looks "store boughten". She hasn't quite learned that that isn't really what we are going for with our hand stitching, but she's sweet.

Stitching this was fun, but I remember why I quit doing cross stitch. It is very detailed and small. In the time it takes to do a small project like this you could sew up an entire quilt top. I did watch several fun movies on TV. Have you seen Waitress?