Random things

Nobody tagged me that I know about, but here are some random things about me. I'll let you decide if they qualify as "weird":

1) I routinely fall asleep in action movies, particularly during the "exciting" sequences.

2) As a teenager, my dream car was a station wagon. I always thought that sports cars and sedans were impractical. This has not changed, although now I'd like a fuel-efficient minivan.

3) I have giant feet and hands. I wear men's sized gloves, socks, and shoes.

4) I "watch" (actually "craft-to") Oprah and The View every morning. The View is goofy and Oprah has a lot of "Well, Duh" moments, but I watch anyway.

5) I didn't realize how much I enjoy quiet solitude until my children entered grade school and I had long hours alone in my house.

6) I have terrible listening skills. I can't remember names until I see them written down and I must doodle to pay attention in classes. Conversations are different. I remember those, but there are more visual and social cues in a conversation.

7) I blog actively and embrace the internet, but I am a lone holdout against cell phone ownership.

8) I have always hated writing. Can you tell? I do, however, like chatty correspondence and explaining things, so blogging is fun.

If you read this, have a blog and haven't done the list of weird or random things, consider yourself tagged!