I neglected the blog in the last week. We were away in Minneapolis for a family wedding that was lots of fun. I had a terrible scare when I looked down at my hand and the diamond had popped out of my wedding ring. This happened only once before about 12 years ago. My sister-in-law saved the day this time when she found it on the kitchen floor. I was already having discussions with my husband about homeowners insurance and in my mind I was weighing our need for new hearing aids for my husband against my having a diamond wedding ring. The hearing aids were winning....

Note to everyone! Get your rings appraised and onto your insurance policy! I'm going to do this with the jeweler that does the repair. I remained almost too calm when it happened. My husband barely flinched when I told him I lost my diamond but when I said, "You might want to help me look because this thing is worth several thousand dollars", he jumped up and started pulling apart the sofa cushions. I was exaggerating the value, but it got him moving! I have a way of completely internalizing my stress, because after this happened I had a terrible migraine for the rest of the day. Many thanks to Jodi for finding the tiny little jewel for us!

Last month was my one year blogiversary and I've never done a giveaway, so now is the time!

I have 2 applique pouches and a little red riding hood hair clip for some lucky person who leaves me a comment on this post by Friday at 8:00 pm Chicagoland time!

These appliqued items pouches are super cute, and handmade by me!