New Quilt and Camping

Quilt in progress

I'm working on a new quilt. I got these fabrics at the big Chicago International Quilt Festival last weekend. The fabrics were from this vendor:
2008 Chicago Quilt Show
It's for Quilting, Etc. from Rockford, IL. I'm making the quilt on the right, but I put in my own pink and yellow floral for the large yellow in the half square triangle blocks in the photo. The quilt will be graphic, casual and funky. I hope to send it out for quilting so that I'll actually be able to use it as a blanket.

And in other news, I did go camping with the Boy Scouts and it was fun. The boys and dads were really great, but I was pleased that my friend's son was feeling better, so I wasn't the only woman. We went to Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin, near the Wisconsin Dells. The weather was perfect too, although it was pretty muddy in most places. I've decided that people who enjoy camping and nature hiking are my kind of people. Sports, shopping, and fitness folks are harder for me to relate to, so Scouting is the perfect activity for our family. Unfortunately, the showers at the campground weren't turned on yet and I forgot my hairbrush, so by the last day, Karen and I were emphasizing our "inner beauty". Not that anyone cared. Next month the camp out is a biking thing where they cycle to the locations and camp overnight. We are definitely not doing that one.

My husband had a great time alone with our daughter. They went to the movies and their favorite Italian restaurant for tomato soup. He took her to the beach at Lake Michigan for a long afternoon walk. We both agree that it is fun to have time alone with the kids separately.