Circus Embroidery

Months ago, my mom gave me a pile of some vintage stuff that I'm only now getting organized. I have to share this adorable vintage circus embroidery panel. I think this was stitched up by my mom when I was a child, but I really don't know. Maybe she'll read this and clarify.
Edited: I got this message from my mom:

No I didn't Susie! It's even better because my mother did when I was little!! She would be almost 90 now and how she would have loved knowing that her handwork is getting that kind of notoriety!!

Circus Panel Vintage Embroidery

It's all done on muslin and the edges are still raw.

Clown and Duck Embroidery
Circus Clown Embroidery
I always liked the circus when I was a child.
Circus Dog Embroidery
Circus Elephant Embroidery
In fact, I think I need to rent Dumbo and watch it with the kids very soon.
Circus Bear Embroidery
Circus Doggie Embroidery
Circus Monkey Embroidery
Circus Donkey Embroidery
The craftiness in my family goes way back!
As you can see, I'm not too concerned with ironing....