Guilty Pleasure Movies

Today we take a break from cute or pretty little sewing projects for the trailer for the latest DVD we rented.

Yes, it's that CGI animated Beowulf that pretty much bombed at the box office. My husband and I thought it was great fun and totally not serious in any way. We recommend viewers get in touch with their inner 13-year old boy in preparation for viewing it. I am able to do this pretty easily given my interest in video gaming and that Conan the Barbarian is one of my absolute all-time favorite movies.

Here's a clip from Conan The Barbarian and yes, that is California Governor Schwarzenegger delivering one of my favorite movie lines ever:

Actually, I think this and Terminator are the only Schwarzenegger films I really like.

I truly mostly dislike action movies, but not as much as I detest courtroom scenes of any and all kinds. I am an insatiable film lover. I want to see pretty much everything good or bad, highbrow or lowbrow, foreign, domestic, philosophical, pulp, historic, melodramatic, silly, fun, even boring because boring movies help me get to sleep at night if I can get past the inexplicable questions about why the director made this total nonsense. We do have to wait for these things to come out on television or DVD because of the demands of family and it is important that we watch our budget.

My search for those video clips reminded me that my husband's best friend from childhood became a professional wrestler, Twin Cities Legend Rick Rice. He's the one with the mullet haircut and long spandex pants.