Valentine Ambivalence

Felt Hearts
Yipes! Tomorrow is already Valentines Day! My conversation with my husband went like this:

Me: So what should we do for Valentines Day?

Husband: I don't know.. can we skip it?

Now, I suppose this would bother some wives and girlfriends, but not me. Valentine's Day is sweet and all, but I don't really believe in it, although I do like red hearts, chocolate, and flowers. I don't believe in New Year's resolutions either. It seems to me that being sweet to your loved ones or making big changes in your life is something that one should be thinking about all the time. We decided to do a simple card exchange with the kids and have a little meal at home with a chocolatey dessert. We'd both prefer to eat out, but going out on Valentine's Day is such a pain.

My daughter is pretty excited to be making her own cards for her classmates. I recall that as a teacher, the Valentine's party was the funnest. The kids loved opening up all their cards and thanking all the other kids for the candy or nice notes. Even in my inner-city housing project school where the 3rd grade boys were already dabbling in gang membership, the kids were sweet to all their classmates about the Valentines.

The sun is out here (finally) today and boy does it make me feel more energized! Our village hired some sort of excavation company and they are trucking out loads and loads of snow. I think from the areas where the neighborhood kids have to wait for the bus. I wonder where it's all going....