DIY lightbox

Thanks Marichelle and Joyful Abode for their DIY lightboxes.

Here's the set up I did today:
Light Box Set up

I used clip on lights. I should have bought three of the larger sized ones, but I wanted to save a couple of dollars.... I used duct tape to tape the lamps right to my plastic tub. Since the lights are hot halogen ones, I have to be sure to switch off the lamps so I don't melt my plastic tub. (edit- I switched the tape to heat resistant aluminum tape and it works much better than duct tape. You can find it in the same area of the hardware store as duct tape.)

Here is the result:

I was able to achieve this with my old method of laying the items out by a sunny window, but the light that way was too inconsistent. I only did some very small photoshop tweaks to get this to come out. I also got 4 separate angles of this item and the color matches on each photo. Yeah... I'm a lightbox convert. My camera is one of the littler digital ones, not one of those fancy SLRs people have so much success with.

It turns out that I thought I needed a tripod, but I have a good steady hand and it is easier to snap super closeups without the tripod set up. I love that little flower setting on my camera.