Happy Thanksgiving!

We are off to my parent's house for the Big Meal. This is the first time my Mom has ever hosted. Well, there was one year in the 70's when there was a snowstorm and we couldn't get out to Iowa, so we went out with the neighbors to a restaurant. That one was pretty lame.....

Anyway, since my Iowa grandparents all passed away a few years ago, I've been hosting and it's fun, but Mom let me have a break and wants to do it at her house. How's this for a change? My mom is calling me for turkey roasting tips! I've just finished making my stuffing contribution and the house smells like Thanksgiving even though we aren't making any turkey over here.

This may very well be my favorite holiday because apart from the meal and a bit of traveling. It's just sitting around being grateful and not too much extra fuss. My husband and my dad like to spend the whole weekend watching the high school football championships on the local television. They get really into it, and especially like the quick games with few commercials.

Our life is full of abundant joy! Blessings to everyone!