More Japanese Craft Books

I have more Japanese books to share. This one is ISBN483472509X and the title is "Small Felt Creations" How could I pass that up?


I love these felt containers with embroidered details:
ISBN483472509X detail1

or how about these little needle felted cuties in perfectly sized cottages:
ISBN483472509X detail2

This book also has patterns for small felt pouches, containers, coasters, even a few lovely flowers. Patterns are allin the back of the book and not on a fold out paper insert. I do prefer that!

Next is an embroidery book, ISBN4529042383.

This other embroidery book
is an all time favorite of mine, so I was hoping this one would be more of the same sort of thing. This new one is cute, but instead of lots of motifs and patterns, it is more of an inspiration book. I can't read any of the text, but I think it showcases the work of some very talented people. Some patterns are provided.

ISBN4529042383 detail1

Here is an adorable quilt with cross-stitched people and several charming samplers. The book does not have these patterns, but this is inspirational!
ISBN4529042383 detail2

Finally, I've been wanting this one for ages. It was the most expensive at about $18 US. ISBN9784072488812
This book shows how to carve your own adorable stamps. Instructions are visual and very clear. Most craft stores sell kits to try this on your own. I've tried it with my daughter and it was fun! I need to get the permanent fabric ink though...

ISBN9784072488812 detail1
Who needs to read Japanese when the instructions are as clear as this? The stamps work on a variety of fabrics (with the right ink) and just need a simple heat set with the iron.

ISBN9784072488812 detail2
This owl, sun and butterfly are just a few of the dozens and dozens of ideas for stamps in this book.

See more Japanese book s and projects over at Crafting Japanese. After a long hiatus, I think they are back up and running.

People always ask me, so here's my spiel: Because it is in English, I order my Japanese books from YesAsia. Searching there is tricky because their search engine stinks. You do an advanced search using just the ISBN numbers, no letters. If a book is out-of-stock- or otherwise unavailable it will simply not come up. Sometimes I find a book I like and then browse around the other suggestions and pick things out that strike my fancy. You can check the Japanese books on ebay. They provide way better descriptions and photos but never provide ISBN #s.... It can take a month or more for books to arrive from YesAsia. Shipping is free to the USA for orders over $25US

Another good source is SuperBuzzy. I haven't ordered from them, but my friend gets their adorable fairy tale fabric when she can.

Again, HERE is the link to my flickr photoset of craft books.