More of Mom's Hankies

Mom's Hankies 010
A little hankie that was my mom's when she was a girl.

This is the last week of school for my kids. It's pretty crazy! First graders had field day today and I was in charge of parachute games. Friday is field day for the 4th grade and I don't know what I'm in charge of for that, but something.

Next week we'll be up in Northern Wisconsin at Lake Superior at a cabin we rented with Nana. Normally we don't vacation until August, but this was the only time we could get a place. It'll be chilly, but I prefer chilly to hot weather and the north woods are our absolute favorite.

Here's another little cute hankie that was my mom's. She went to a one room schoolhouse when she was a little girl before they moved into town:
Mom's Hankies 006

Mom's Hankies 008

I know lots of people don't like clowns, but they were popular once upon a time!
Mom's Hankies 007

This will be my last blog post for a couple of weeks. Happy Summer!