Cheery Quilt top

Pastel Star Quilt

Yay! Quilt top is finished! I'm going to send it out for quilting though. My friend uses a service that she is happy with. I am capable of doing it myself, but I just really don't want to....

It did turn out pretty. My awful camera gives the color a slightly bluer hue than real life. Those yellows are supposed to be bright and sunny.

Here's another angle: Pastel Star Quilt 2

Now I'm sort of between projects... hmm... well I do have a striped crochet blanket to finish, there's all those tea towels I wanted to embroider and use as cloth napkins...I promised my daughter an apron ages ago... Yikes! I better sew the new curtains for the living room. My current ones are looking awful with sun fade.

edited to add: This quilt is a pattern by Atkinson Designs called Lucky Stars.