Baby sweater? (cough) What baby sweater? (cough cough)

I had totally planned to have the little green aran sweater done by now. But my body had other plans. For the second time this spring, I've been taken down hard by germies. A nasty combo of laryngitis/flu has put me in bed again. I'm able to knit a bit between coughing fits, but I must have a virulent strain of brain-cooties, creating an inhospitable environment for following instructions, cause I totally fugged up the neck shaping. Big time. I don't have the fortitude to fix it yet, so I've put it aside for now.

In the meantime, I'm self-medicating with the restorative stocking-stitchness of Swank.

But I do feel the need to FEED THE BLOG. So here's a few pics of a colossal Aran sweater I knit many years ago as a wedding present for my sister's dear husband. It's Na Craga, from Alice Starmore's legendary Aran Knitting book.

Don't bother asking what yarn I used, what needle size etc... Please! I can't even keep track of the specs on stuff I knit last week, let alone several years ago! I do remember that it was authentic, expensive Aran wool from Ireland and the quality paid off big time. Other than a few pills here and there (it gets a lot of wear I hear) the wool still looks gorgeous.

I repatriated the sweater to display it at a local sheep shearing festival this past weekend, where my knitting guild had set up a little display. Where are my photos of the festival, the display, the sheep, the fleece, you ask? That's a really good question. I can only say in my defense that this event coincided with the start of my germ-activated brain fog, so I didn't bring my camera. Bad, bad blogger.

So can I lull you into thinking this blog is worth visiting if I show you more photos of Na Craga?