Gifts for newborn: snow booties crochet tutorial

Gifts for newborn: snow booties crochet tutorial

Thread, cotton, 100gms 400m, a hook 2. We collect 17 loops and knit down the photo

Crochet first round sole

then begin to knit sides for this in the next row knit soles after capturing only the thread from inside the last row, thereby knitting rotated by 90 degrees

Crochet way around, ending with the usual number of connection in a column, and from three air loop

Sides Crochet three rows

After finishing the third row, fourth, crochet to the middle

And then knit three air loop and further columns with yo, grabbing the inside of the thread and thereby turning the knitting again at 90 degrees

The front part of crochet

Halfway up the other side and turn knitting, knit from the inside back, reducing the number of loops in the middle

after a tied position for the strap, knit back (two rows) and strap (about 14-15 loops)

on the edge of the strap loop do as fastened with buttons of booties.

The second is knitted booties similarly, except that the strap on the other side.
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