Christmas craft ideas: Button Wreath!

Button Wreath!

This button wreath is the first of many Christmas crafts I will share with you this holiday season, and I thought it was an appropriate start to the month of November, the first time it is almost acceptable to start hitting the Christmas craft making really hard. I made this wreath to hang in my mother's store as an inspiration for her students, but made it in my bright green so it will go nicely in my house come December. This project was super easy and fun. Here's how I did it:

One of my favorite blogs to read, Young House Love, recently issued a Pinterest Challenge asking readers to stop just pinning, and start crafting (see what other bloggers did for the challenge here and here). My inspiration for this project comes from here, found on, but of course I took my own little spin on the project and added the stenciled border and made it on a canvas for light and easy hanging.

I used these tools on this project... the first is just a regular foam brush (less than a dollar) and my stenciling brushes (they have extra stiff bristles and cost around 3 dollars) - you can read more about them here.

First, I painted the whole canvas green with my foam brush. I used this gloss finish green Apple Barrel paint from Michaels - it was less than a dollar a bottle.

This is beautiful button Wreath!
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